My Tips to start a Blog

j-kelly-brito-PeUJyoylfe4-unsplashSomeone once said that words are the most exhaustible source of magic. What is more beautiful than tuning your thoughts and desires into words. The person who reads it can interpret your thoughts to vibrate their frequency. I have always wanted to be a writer, having been inspired my countless authors that lit up my childhood.

I was introduced to blogging a while back and it has been on my mind since. The idea of having the liberty to write your story for the world to read with a click is intriguing. What really pushed me towards it was diversity you can offer in your blog. It can be a specific niche related or just your own personal space.

Ever since I have started my blog it has been a roller coaster ride. Nothing in life is easy and as with blogging you need time to establish yourself. Google run on algorithms and it takes time for it to pick up on your blog. So traffic is naturally slow at the start. One thing that I have learned from well-established bloggers alike is that quality content always reaches the audience. So no matter how little traffic I got at the start did not worry me. I kept writing with passion and slowly I saw have seen an increase in traffic. I still have a long way to go but it’s the journey that counts in the end right.

Sometimes newbies do struggle because they do not know what the topic of their blog is. You can have a broad niche but that will only confuse your audience. A niche is important because it keeps readers engaged instead of your blog being all over the place. Even after selecting a niche you may write 20 blogs but then run out of ideas. The best way around this is to read other blogs. Look at blogs that trend or are at the first page. A small dose of inspiration goes a long way as long as you write your own content.andrew-neel-cckf4TsHAuw-unsplash

I learned from my small experience as a blogger that I have to traffic my website well. If my niche is fitness than I cannot be writing about bags. This will only create confusion etc. due to such a variety of blogs, mostly a reader abandons your article in a few seconds.

Starting strong is key, keeping it to the point and hitting the target in the start is what will keep them engaged. Otherwise they will move to the next article that may offer better closure. I understood these things as I went along with my blog, so it’s all experience that matters.corinne-kutz-tMI2_-r5Nfo-unsplash

My blog is diverse yes but my passion is in journalism. An interesting debate that has stirred during the past weeks is weather journalism and blogging the same? In journalism there are facts made through careful procedures. Where as in blogging one can give their opinion and personal judgments.

Even in the earliest the best blogs did have opinions. Often as bloggers we neglect facts and figures while telling a story and opinions is not journalism. David S. Broder, the Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post White House Correspondent, highlighted the pressing topic in an interview saying “You can’t just sit on your computer all day. You need to get off your butt, go out there and interview sources, investigate the issue yourself and then write what you’ve learned. “

Another interesting aspect is before the most popular blog the Huffington Post was made, bloggers considered themselves as outsiders. Picking on the elite but with the Huffington Post flourishing on its unique content turning the world of blogging around.


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