4 Sites To Make Money Blogging While Trotting The Globe

Though it seems like forever ago, countries are starting to open back up and allow tourists to come back in. For those with itchy feet, trotting the globe has never seemed more appealing but, how can you manage it? Luckily, blogging is still a money-making job that you can do online from anywhere in the world. It’s the perfect travel companion that allows you to manage your time and money, giving your complete freedom to go as you please. If you’re on the hunt for blogs to make money, here are 2021’s four hottest blogging websites for travelers.

1. Matador Network

If you’re a traveling fanatic and love to document what you do, Matador Network is a great fit. You can send them submissions and receive payment for each article they publish.

2. The Expeditioner

Instead of a per-article pay system, this website pays per word. Plus, it’s not just about writing and pictures but videos and other materials too. For those who like multi-media documenting, this is a good fit while exploring.

3. The Lost Girls

The Lost Girls started when three friends took off together on the ultimate adventure. They love to hear about ladies that do the same, looking for bold and daring content. With The Lost Girls, you’ll write travel guides about places you’ve been, sharing your experiences with food, culture, and art. They pay per travel guide plus come with a supportive audience of bold female globetrotters.

4. Transitions Abroad

If you’re interested in culture, this is the perfect fit for you! This blog pays for experiences, wanting you to tell all about your challenges and breathtaking moments. They like to emphasize the cultural aspect, making it great if you’re into new and unique experiences.

Traveling and Blogging: How to Manage your Time

Apart from choosing the perfect blog, we’ve gathered up some tips to take with you on the road. Finding the balance to write and sightseeing can be tricky, but it’s all totally worth it!

Tip #1 – Get on a Routine

If anything messes up the balance of a digital nomad, it’s poor time management. There are 24 hours in a day, and you should put every second to use. So, jump on a routine and stick to it, setting yourself up to work around 4 to 6 hours every day.

Tip #2 – Splurge on Tech

Though you might want to save your pennies for new experiences, you shouldn’t hold back on your gear. Invest in a solid internet connection that will work in all kinds of conditions. Plus, a computer that’s small and compact enough to take on the go.

Tip #3 – Live it Up

It’s easy to feel the stresses of work. In the end, blogging is still working and can become tedious. Still, don’t forget to live it up. Remember that you’re free and not in a cubicle working a 9 to 5. Keep your vacation mind on each day when you shut down your computer and relax in a new spot.


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